Principal Hydrogeologist

Dwight L. Smith, PE, PG

Principal Hydrogeologist

  • M.S. Hydrogeology, University of Nevada, Reno
  • B.S. Geological Engineering, Colorado School of Mines
  • P.E. – Professional Geological Engineer in Nevada
  • C.H.G. – Certified Hydrogeologist in California
  • P.G. – Professional / Registered Geologist in California and Arizona
  • W.R.S. -Water Right Surveyor in Nevada

Mr. Smith is the owner and Principal Hydrogeologist at Interflow Hydrology, and has over 25 years of experience as a consulting hydrogeologist, specializing in ground water resources evaluations in the Western U.S., primarily in Nevada, California, Arizona and Utah.

His professional experience includes: water resources development feasibility, groundwater resources management, regional aquifer and watershed assessments, computer-aided groundwater flow modeling, groundwater recharge and sustainability evaluations, well design and pumping assessments, water rights surveying and research, design of dewatering systems, geochemical evaluations to assess sources of water, stream flow gaging, stream and groundwater interaction studies, spring evaluations, water quality management plans, and environmental impact evaluations.

Mr. Smith is a recognized expert in hydrogeology in Nevada, having testified in over a dozen water rights hearings. Mr. Smith has also testified as an expert in hydrogeology in civil litigation cases in California and Nevada.

Professional Resume/CV available upon request.