Well Locations, Design & Aquifer Testing

Well Drilling Programs – Optimal Well & Wellfield Development – Pumping & Aquifer Tests

InterFlow Hydrology has assisted numerous private and public entities select optimal well site locations based on local geologic conditions and water quality considerations, often in challenging areas. We have designed wells for municipal agencies, industrial uses, agriculture, mining, temporary construction dewatering, monitoring networks, wetlands restoration, and many other types of uses. Well capacities have been variable depending on objectives and water uses, and have ranged from a few gallons per minute to several thousand gallons per minute.

  • Drilling Program Development
  • Well Field Design
  • Exploration Drilling and Test Wells
  • Geologic Logging
  • Well Design
  • Pumping Test and Analysis
  • Sustainable Well Yield Determinations
  • Aquifer Test Analysis
  • Monitoring Networks